1. Esther and Ezra. Watermouth. Exmoor. Devon. September, 2014.

  2. Ford Grain Silo. Avonmouth. Bristol. September, 2014.

  3. Mac and Jac’s Cafe. Worcester. Worcestershire. August, 2014.

  4. Bournemouth. Dorset. August, 2008.

  5. Barcelona. Spain. March, 2014.

  6. All my holidays involve the M5. August, 2014.

  7. Junction 2, the M32. Bristol. November, 2013.

  8. This is my son outside the newsagents opposite my folks house. They moved there in 1986 and this was where I grew up. My first job was as a paper boy - for years I used to stumble into this shop at 5:45 am every morning to deliver everyones copy of the Daily Mail and The Sun (wrong on so many levels). 28 years later I returned for one last time before they moved house. Watching Ezra run around where I used to run around as a boy felt like a significant moment. (Farewell) Farnham. Surrey. June, 2014.

  9. I will never tire of photographing clouds. Croome Court. Worcestershire. August, 2014.

  10. It always rains on the way home. The M5. Somerset. August, 2014

  11. Croome Court. Worcestershire. August, 2014.

  12. Est. Bournemouth. Dorset. September, 2006 (probably).

  13. Sunset. Gwithian Towans. Cornwall. July, 2014.

  14. Everything feels like this right now. Easton. Bristol. January, 2014. 

  15. Home, sweet home. Dyrham Park. South Gloucestershire. July, 2014.