1. Kraków. Poland. February, 2006.

  2. San Francisco. The U.S.A. September, 2010. 

  3. Ezra at home. Easton. Bristol. January, 2014,

  4. Easton. Bristol. January, 2014

  5. On the M25 on the way to a funeral. Suitably bleak. February, 2007.

  6. Spring sun shining on a special life. St Werburghs. Bristol. April, 2014.

  7. Hong Kong. September, 2009.

  8. The Transbordador Aeri del Port in Barcelona. View from the Port platform looking across to Montjuic. Barcelona. Spain. March, 2014.

  9. 1992 Olympic diving pool. Barcelona. Spain. March, 2014.

  10. Barcelona. Spain. March, 2014.

  11. Easton. Bristol. Jan, 2014.

  12. 4:21pm. Stood above the M32 watching the sunset this evening. Easton. Bristol. Jan, 2014

  13. View from my window at sunset this evening. The rain stopped for a brief moment, the grey cleared and there were a few minutes of blue sky. Easton. Bristol. Jan, 2014.

  14. Farnham. Surrey. December, 2013.

  15. Copenhagen airport. Denmark. October, 2011.